On June 6-7, 2024, the jubilee, 10th edition of the INCOBOZ international conference will take place. The conference will take place in the MERIDIANA resort, which is located in the spa town of Bojnice. A special online live entry will be prepared for participants who cannot attend the conference in person.

The aim of the INCOBOZ conference is to present new trends, prevention procedures and experience in OSH and health protection support.

Application for the conference

You can send the completed application for the conference to


€250 without VAT

The list of speakers as well as the conference program will be continuously updated on this page.




William Cockburn

Executive director, EU-OSHA

MUDr. Mgr. Tatiana Červeňová, MPH, MHA

General hygienist SR, UVZ SR

Ing. Marek Mitterpák, PhD.

General director NIP SR

Ing. Vladimír Vránsky

President SEZ-KES

Ladislav Kerekeš

EU-OSHA focal point Slovakia, NIP

prof. Ing. Juraj Sinay DrSc.

Advisor to the state secretary of the MH SR for hydrogen

Ing. Ján Donič, MBA

Chairman, Spoločná vízia, o.z.

Tim Tregenza

Senior network manager, EU-OSHA

Ing. Jiří Macíček

Deputy of the inspector general

PaedDr. Danica Lehocká, PhD.,

Adviser of the Minister for Labour MPSVaR SR

por. Mgr. Martin Senčák

Director of Cybersecurity Certification NBÚ

Ing. Martin Melecký

Generální inspektor SÚIP ČR, State office for labour inspection ČR

Ing. Karol Habina

Vice chairman, Spoločná vízia, o.z.

Ing. Ondřej Varta, PhD.

Head of Inspection OSH, State office for labour inspection ČR

Ing. Martin Mada

Director, The labour inspectorate Nitra

MUDr. Marie Šťastná

Occupational medicine doctor, National reference centre for occupational physiology (RÚVZ Bojnice)

Ing. Vladimír Lipovský, PhD., MBA

Director of service department, Certifikačný a inšpekčný orgán SR, s.r.o.

Ing. Albert Mello

Member of the association Spoločná vízia, o.z.

Ing. Martin Demčák, Ph.D.

Director HSE, Slovnaft, a.s.

Bc. Jozef Kuco

Leader of SW department, BOZPO, s.r.o.

Ing. Marek Rolinec, Phd., MBA

Director OSH, OLO a.s.

The list of lecturers will be supplemented provisionally.

Live streaming

For participants who cannot attend in person, a live broadcast of the conference is available, with a 50% discount on the participation fee. The live broadcast will take place on the YouTube platform, and each participant will receive a login link the day before the conference.

To register for the online form of the conference, you can send your data to

Basic information

We invite you to the jubilee, 10th year of the international conference BOZP – INCOBOZ 2024. The conference is organized by the civil association Spolcaná vizia and the company BOZPO, s.r.o. By the way.

The aim of the INCOBOZ conference is to present new trends, prevention procedures and experience in OSH and health protection support. The INCOBOZ conference is attended by experts in the field of occupational safety from Slovakia and abroad.


The INCOBOZ 2024 international conference was carried out in the spirit of the VISION ZERO campaign. The campaign was launched at the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health in Singapore. Vision Zero supports a comprehensive prevention strategy and a safe future for all without fatal or serious occupational injuries, occupational diseases and traffic accidents. The Vision Zero campaign aims to mobilize and inspire a renewed and voluntary commitment of decision-makers, employers, business leaders, managers and occupational health professionals to safety and health for all people in the workplace through a series of simple principles.

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